Land Required

Here at Owl we fully understand that your land and property are the biggest asset you have and therefore when deciding to sell it is vital that you have 100% confidence in a Company’s ability to deliver. So why chose Owl?

We recognise that the life of our business remains land and property. This is why at Owl, land acquisition and the securing of planning permissions is upmost important. Each development opportunity has its own designated team of professionals who’s sole aim is to create and deliver the highest quality scheme. This commitment continues to give land and property owners the upmost confidence in Owl’s ability to deliver.

When choosing Owl you have the added comfort of knowing that every financial decision and commitment made is not reliant on third party funding. We have a personal interest in everything we do.

With our office in the Midlands we have a land team specifically tasked with site identification and acquisition throughout the Midlands Region. Our in depth and comprehensive knowledge of these residential markets help us assess quickly and accurately the development potential of each site we consider.

With this in mind, should you have, or be aware of any development opportunities that you feel may be of interest to Owl, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us below. We look forward to hearing from you.